Spa Schedule: 9 am - 5 pm from Monday to Sunday

Lodging:  Check-in:  3 pm – Check-out: 12 pm Monday to Sunday

All Day Spa packages include: welcome tea, aromatherapy, music therapy, pool, sauna, BBQ lunch and a spa treatment.  Clients are advised to bring a swimsuit, flip flops, sunscreen, bug repellant and a towel (Akasha Spa towels are rented).

Reservations and  Payments:

All services or packages must be booked at least  48 hours before the date the services are provided depositing 50% of the total amount to our BHD or POPULAR BANK account, information which can be obtained by contacting us via the "contact" link on the main menu of this site, or by a money wire via Western Union made out to Andres Pirela in Jarabacoa, Rep. Dom. Mobil # 1(829) 423 9377 - money wires will require the sender's information (name, phone number and city from where the sender is wiring the money).


Reservations are not refunded in case of a cancellation or a NO SHOW.

If the client wishes to recover the investment in the event of a cancellation or a NO SHOW,  a reservation must be made  48 hours before without additional cost, to enjoy the services in a maximum period of two weeks from the day of cancellation or NO SHOW. After this period of two weeks, the reservation will expire definitively and the client will lose the investment.

The following are not allowed in the spa area:

-Drinks or meals not purchased at the spa *

-Tobacco products *

-Pets **

-Fire arms **

-Radios or sound devices without earphones *

-Any Paraphernalia that may produce noise or interfere with the peace and quiet of other customers **

* Does not apply to customers in lodging area

** Applies to all customers